I teach banjo, guitar, composition and songwriting. I typically work with more advanced and professional musicians but am always open to teach keen and creative intermediate players. I’ve taught workshops and masterclasses at Rockygrass Academy, Rocky Mountain Song School, Berklee College of Music, Silkroad Global Musician Workshop, Sierra Fiddle Camp, Midwest Banjo Camp, Banjo Summit and more.

One of my passions is to teach people to learn how to learn. Rather than solely focusing on technique or content, I guide students to get curious about their experience, practice more effectively and access the wellspring of genuine creativity that will continuously offer new possibilities, long after a lesson is over.

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What folks are saying

What folks are saying

“When I had the opportunity to work on my banjo playing with Jayme I took it. I knew I’d be learning from one of the best, but I didn’t know that the scope of our sessions could provide so much insight into all things musical: harmony, technique, composition, and arranging. Jayme’s helped me develop my voice on the instrument and my appreciation for what happens in music on a deeper level. I’ll be going to see him as much as and as long as I can.”

Dave JohnstonYonder Mountain String Band

“Working with Jayme has been the best thing that’s ever happened to my banjo-playing. I'd been playing for over ten years and felt stuck. Within the first minute of our first lesson he had already started to remake how I play. That depth of knowledge, from someone who has spent a lifetime thinking deeply about the banjo in all its aspects, is priceless. Our lessons are always a highlight of my week.”


“Every lesson with Jayme is a unique and rewarding experience. Jayme's infectious passion for music and extraordinary teaching skills are genuinely inspiring.”

Jake ScheppsBanjo Summit

“Jayme's approach is eye opening and fresh. He has a way of looking at music—and everything really—that makes you look like it's the first time, allowing you to learn in ways you never realized possible. He always left me feeling like I could accomplish more as a musician than I thought possible.”


“Jayme helped me drastically improve my banjo playing. All my bandmates would agree. I recommend Jayme to anyone looking to explore single string, improvisation, and theory while maintaining a strong focus on fundamentals and traditional repertoire.”